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Welcome to our 2022 Reseller Program

IPTV Ontario - Where Customers Come First

We are pleased to offer others access to our server through our reseller program.  As this is new to 2022, we are currently accepting new resellers for a limited time.  We are looking for a total of 10 resellers.

Live Technical Support

You aren't alone.  We offer live technical support to all our resellers.  Have a problem? We are here to help and resolve.  Your customers, are our customers.  Customers come first.

Dedication to Stability

We are not in the business of losing clients, neither should you be.  We have developed a system and server that is 99.8% stable and reliable through 2021 and into 2022.  Your clients expect a seamless experience, we are here to give them that.

Device Support

All major devices are supported through our reseller program.  If you are unsure how to set one up, we are here to help!

App Support

We understand that many customers have their own favourite apps already.  We provide a knowledgebase of how to use and setup each of them.  We have reviewed and tested all major apps.  You are also provided with our "branded" app as well as access to a free download of all other major apps, hosted free of charge.

Become your own Reseller

We offer the ability for you to resell under your own account.  As we are looking for 10 resellers to work directly with us, you are more than welcome to setup resellers under your own account


Send us a message using our Online chat

Email us at

Text us at 289-401-7728

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