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Your Android box is perfect with IPTV Ontario.  

Approximate setup time: 5 - 7 minutes.

We are also always here to help.  Use our online chat feature, or text us directly at (289) 401-7728

IPTV Ontario - Where Customers Come First


Our own native application is compatible with all Android devices.  

Using your web browser on your Android box, visit

Head over here with your Android browser and click the Download button below.

Each device operates somewhat differently from here.  

Most will ask you to save the file, press OK, some will begin downloading immediately

Once downloaded, open and install.

(If you don't see a completed message, or you miss the notification, all Android boxes have a File Manager app.  Open it.  You should have a Downloads Folder.  It's likely in there).

You are completely setup.  The rest is up to us

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