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Your Nvidia Shield is ideal with IPTV Ontario.  

Approximate setup time: 5 - 7 minutes.

We are also always here to help.  Use our online chat feature, or text us directly at (289) 401-7728

IPTV Ontario - Where Customers Come First


The first step is ensuring you either have a subscription   Then head back here to complete your setup.

Our own native application is compatible directly with the Nvidia Shield as it operates on  the Google platform.

Simply Download the app "Downloader" by AFT News.  The App Icon will look like this:


Open the App and you will be presented with a screen like this.  In the search URL type the number "706553" as shown below.


It will prompt you to install the app.  Please do so and open it.  You will be presented with this screen.

Please select your type of device.

Screenshot_20221024_154413_IPTV Ontario 4.jpeg

The last screen requires your credentials.  We provide those! You're all set!

Screenshot_20221024_154421_IPTV Ontario 4.jpeg
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